Response to Vision – is a three-part communication process involving:
Seeing, looking at …
Shaping, thinking about … planning, and
Making, producing.

Like mathematics, Response to Vision needs to be taught. The ebooks of Response to Vision do that!

These detailed Visual Learning resources are for students aged 9 to 14 years, teachers and parents … see/click THE BOOKS.

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SEEING – Learning to gather and review images.

Using a focus of attention – in this case, a garden POND (shown above) – information is gathered and recorded.


SHAPING – Learning to organise and trial visual ideas.

Seeing is explored for ideas, and aspects selected, grouped and trialled to serve a range of school curriculum areas – English, Science, Art … in this example a story and illustration.

MAKING – Learning to produce and evaluate visual response.

The range of trials is narrowed and visual content refined to produce the finished illustration – text included later (see THE BOOKS).